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Okay. Let me clear the fuck out of this shit, because it is REALLY pissing me off.

Psy was an extremely well-known, well-respected musician WELL before Gangnam Style was even fucking thought of. He’s one of the senior musicians of Korea and he gets a lot of respect for his fearless stages and the way he writes songs to say whatever the hell he wants and believes, regardless of the Korean public’s extremely judgmental eye. I’m so sick of the way he’s being treated all around the world ever since Gangnam Style went viral, he’s just being called here and there to do the dance and whatever and then being sent off like he’s just a comedy dud. When he came on Ellen, she didn’t even bother fucking introducing him, he had to interrupt and ask to introduce himself. He came out on stage and she literally just asked him to teach the dance before he even said anything. Like that is so flat out disrespectful are you kidding me.

Point being, before you ignorant ass little fucks decided he was the new laughingstock of the world and decided all on your own that he was just some annoying, talentless little comedy figure, get your fucking facts straight. Learn some respect, especially to the people that deserve/have already earned it.


also tired-ass billie joe armstrong trying to call out psy, please

life as kim jongin's kids

jongin: kIDSSsS
his children: yes dad??
jongin: oh i was calling for the dogs but ok

35/ edits of Kris

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baekhyun offered kyungsoo a piece of his steak but kyungsoo told him to give it to jongin instead
The way Jaeyeol smiles and cares for Kangwoo ಥ_ಥ
"it’s ok,it’s love" drama ost 
Kyungsoo // So cool

credit: avell do

My handsome dragon : Mama Era (set 23/ ? )



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