[14/09/21 TAO’S MEIPAI] 明天就是EXO 的巡演最后一场了~谢谢你们一直以来对我们的支持。我会让自己变得更好更完美。 我爱你们 ♥ T A O.

Tomorrow is the last day of EXO’s concert tour~ thank you all for always supporting us. I will try to improve myself to become better and better. I love you ♥ T A O.

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139/250 edits of my bias
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Wu Yifan leaving the venue and keeps on saying ‘thank you’ to the fans

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Wu Yi Fan is greeting Jackie Chan on Bazaar Charity Event

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kyungsoo - “it’s ok,it’s love” - kangwoo hiding his cough
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The Celebrity - TAO

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Wu Yi Fan at  Bazaar Charity Night Red Carpet
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a typical sehun

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140921 real__pcy: Hello, everyone!! This is EXO’s voice, Chanyeol!! Due to the fact that I mentioned at the Beijing concert that my condition isn’t doing too well, I think fans may be worrying over me 😢 it was just a light cold, but I slept quite a bit and dressed warmly so now my condition has improved a lot! I will rest well today as to be in peak condition and show you all a great performance next time, so please don’t worry too much; and our EXO-L, please don’t dress too lightly or kick the blankets away in your sleep. Beware of the cold!! 😍

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